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Waco is home to Texas Fire and Safety, proudly serving all of Central Texas for more than a decade.

We are the authorized dealer in Waco for several top recognized manufacturers of fire safety equipment and suppression systems.

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Free Analysis and Quote

Existing fire safety equipment, fire extinguishers, emergency lighting, fire and exit signs, hood vents, sprinkler systems, clean agent systems, automatic fire suppression systems. Let our qualified professionals give you a free analysis of your home or business.


Ansul, Fike, JL Industries

Using high quality clean agent products and systems to keep Waco homes, restaurants, and businesses safe while using eco-friendly materials.

Make sure you have the right equipment for your built environment. Know the classes of fire and how to extinguish each.

Where there is common combustibles, you need Class A.
Where there is flammable gas and liquid, you need Class B.
Where there is electrical equipment, you need Class C.
Where there is cooking agents like oil or grease, you need Class K.

Top-Rated Fire Extinguishers

Texas Fire and Safety carries a wide variety of high-quality hand-held portable fire extinguishers manufactured by Ansul.

Keep your peace of mind by owning top of the line fire extinguishers to protect your content, home, business, or buildings. A quality fire extinguisher can mean the difference between minimal and major losses.

Choose from stored pressure compact or high-flow canisters to dry chemical, CO2, and water extinguishers. Easy-to-read directions displayed on all canisters.

Fire Extinguisher Cabinets

JL Industries’ line of cabinets can keep your fire extinguishers protected from unnecessary knocks and dings which could keep them in service longer. Texas Fire and Safety sells JL Industries’ wide variety of cabinets.

Built-in flush wall cabinets with or without doors.
Wall-mounted cabinets with or without doors.
Designed to be discreet yet visible.
Color options available.

Local Experienced Technicians

Factory-trained technicians ready to perform. Consult with our fire engineers.

System design – maps out where you need equipment
Installation – professionally mounted and marked for easy access
Maintenance – scheduled equipment checks
Refill and Recharge – mobile service for discharged or low pressure units

Emergency Lights and Exit Signs

Critical safety equipment for any commercial property includes emergency lights and exit signs.

With a wide selection of styles, Texas Fire and Safety can outfit your business with lights to keep your staff out of the dark, and with signs to get employees to safety quickly.

Many Services, One Vendor

Texas Fire and Safety replaces multiple vendors.

Inspection and Testing Services

Our inspection professionals have more than a decade of field experience ensuring you will receive the most accurate information about your fire protection systems. They will work with you to make sure your home or workspaces meet all local, state, and federal requirements.

Fire extinguishers and suppression systems need regular maintenance and testing to assure they will work properly when a fire occurs. We can schedule one of our skilled technicians to test your systems at the increments you desire or are required by industry codes.


We test more than fire extinguishers.

Back Flow Testing (Commission for Environmental Quality certified)
Fire Alarm Systems (Department of Public Safety trained)
Monitoring Systems
Access Control

Need an upgrade? We can do it all!

Have you upgraded your facility or expanded?

It might be time to increase the amount of fire extinguishers or upgrade the ones you own. Available in variable sizes and distinguished by the canister weight (5 lbs. and up).

Fire extinguishers are important for home, auto, boat, office, or anywhere a fire can ignite.

Texas Fire and Safety will make sure your improvements are protected.

Safety Tip: It is good practice to match fire extinguisher size to the service area size. Also be sure to match the commercial fire extinguisher in each service area to the fire classification of the environment or materials within that area.

Texas Fire and Safety – The All-In-One Vendor

Providing durable, high-quality fire extinguishers and safety equipment as well as many other services.
Top-rated experienced technicians at your service 24/7/365.
Ensuring your protection will meet all local, state, and federal fire and building code requirements.

Waco’s best choice. Let Texas Fire and Safety serve you.