7 Crucial Things to Look for in a Fire Suppression Vendor

Part of owning a property or business is ensuring you and your employees have access to a reliable fire suppression vendor and are prepared for the worst-case scenario. If you own a commercial building, it’s important that you work with a qualified fire suppression vendor to protect your assets from fire damage.

What Does a Fire Suppression Vendor Do?

First things first, it’s best to understand what exactly a fire suppression vendor offers your business. This foundational knowledge will help you select the right option.

A fire suppression vendor handles designing, installing, inspecting, and renovating fire protection and prevention systems. In most cases, the service will arrive at your business and assess the potential fire risk. Then they’ll work with your team to design a system that suits your practical needs and budget and inspect that system at regular intervals.

A a reliable fire suppression vendor can help you and your employees in case of a fire.

If the system doesn’t work to standard or fire codes change within state or national standards, they’ll update the system to ensure your business is up to code. Many companies also provide a 24-hour emergency service, which means that they can respond to any fire risks at any time of day.

What Services Should a Fire Suppression Vendor Provide?

A fire suppression vendor should offer a range of services, including:

  • Assessing minimum safety requirements and working within the client’s budget to provide maximum coverage for minimal cost.
  • Ensuring that all fire safety measures are installed and operating to code standard.
  • Performing new installation of fire sprinkler systems.
  • Renovating and adjusting older sprinkler systems.
  • Knowledge and proficiency in the maintenance/installation of wet pipe fire sprinklers, dry pipe fire sprinklers, pre-action fire sprinklers, underground fire protection services, and above-ground hydraulic testing
  • Regular inspection and maintenance calls
A fire safety services provider can help keep a commercial building safe from fire.

An excellent fire suppression vendor will inspect your building, select the best fire suppression system for your facility, and exceed expectations. Here are some tips to assist you in choosing the best fire suppression vendor for your property.

Level of Experience

If you have or want quality fire equipment in your building, then you will need a company with the knowledge to install and service the latest technology. If you have old fire suppression systems that still pass regulations, then you’ll need a company that knows how to repair and maintain service older equipment. In short, good fire protection companies are experienced with all types of technology, both old and new.


It is essential to ensure that the fire suppression vendor you hire knows what they are doing. When a fire protection company is licensed, the state has qualified them to provide fire protection services. If you are considering a fire protection company that is hesitant to share its licensing information, it can be a red flag.

If a fire happens, you need the products and systems you paid for to properly. You will only receive this peace of mind when you work with a licensed fire suppression vendor.

Range of Services Offered

From warehouses to commercial kitchens, the need for fire protection services varies by industry. When a fire suppression vendor specializes in only one area, customers who need multiple fire protection services, such as sprinklers and fire alarms, can be problematic. When looking for a fire suppression vendor, look at the industries served and all their fire protection services. Be aware of companies that promise to do everything but use sub-contractors.

A reliable fire suppression vendor knows about relevant fire codes and standards.

Knowledge of Fire Safety Regulations

To keep a building compliant with fire codes, it is important to hire a company that is aware of any new updates to fire safety regulations. Before hiring a fire suppression vendor, be sure to ask about their knowledge of NFPA standards, as well as state and local codes. You will also need a fire protection company that will keep your building compliant with fire safety standards set by your insurance.


You don’t have time to waste when you need maintenance or emergency services for your fire equipment. By considering fire protection companies that are proactive in servicing your equipment, rather than waiting for you to call them, you’ll save time, money, and stress. With proactive service, you have less chance of a leaky sprinkler system or an electrical fire and a better chance of passing fire inspections.

Maintenance Agreements

Since inspections are required by law, you can save time, money, and hassle by automating your inspection schedule with a maintenance agreement from a fire protection company. We at Texas Fire and Safety offer this convenient option to our customers to ensure you never again miss a critical inspection deadline.

Fire Suppression Vendor Services

If you have fire protection equipment in your building, the NFPA has requirements for inspecting it. It is essential that your fire suppression vendor services the required systems. Here are the types of systems we service following NFPA regulations:

A fire safety contractor should offer various fire safety services.

Fire alarms: Our fire alarm inspections include maintaining, testing, and (if needed) repairing any and all components in your building’s fire alarm system, including detectors and sensors, horns and strobes, control panels, pull stations, and more.

Fire sprinklers: While it’s important to inspect your fire sprinklers visually, this is merely where our services begin. We also test vital components, record drain readings, perform flow tests, and much more.

Fire pumps: High-rise buildings with sprinkler systems often require fire pumps, and fire pumps require inspections and testing. We at Texas Fire and Safety can perform minimum and peak flow tests, churning services, and more for code compliance purposes.

Fire suppression systems: We perform routine maintenance on stationary and vehicle fire suppression systems per NFPA standards. We’re equipped to service and maintain clean agent and CO2 systems.

Commercial kitchen fire suppression: Kitchen fires are among the most common in commercial buildings. Make sure yours is ready to fight a fire at any time with routine commercial kitchen fire suppression inspections.

We at Texas Fire and Safety are proud to be a professional fire suppression vendor.

Fire extinguishers: Professional fire extinguisher inspections are required annually. We can inspect, provide, and maintain fire extinguishers to guarantee they’re in peak working condition.

We at Texas Fire and Safety are proud to be a licensed and certified fire suppression vendor. Our courteous and knowledgeable staff can meet your needs with efficient services right when needed. Call us today to learn more!