Texas Fire and Safety is honored to be a part of the Killeen community.

Quick detection is key to stopping a fire.

On-site pre-engineered fire suppression systems protect property at the early stage of a fire. Detecting smoke or heat as well as flames can trigger the dispersal of the suppressing agent, flooding the source, smothering the fire, saving your property.

Automatic fire suppression systems are used where water access is limited and they also protect against water damage that traditional sprinkler systems can cause. Less clean up. Less damage. Faster recovery.

Two types of fire suppression systems are:

  1. Dry Chemical System, good for classes A-B-C or B-C fires
  2. Wet Chemical System, best for K class, cooking material fires

Eliminating the fuel source is a primary benefit of a fire suppression system.

New Construction or Existing Facilities

Killeen can depend on Texas Fire and Safety’s licensed engineers to work with building contractors and architects to customize the perfect fire suppression system for your new construction project.

Engineer designed
Professionally installed
Quality maintenance performed
Testing and inspections scheduled
Reporting database provided
Warranty work completed

Complying with all Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ).

Retrofit or upgrade existing buildings. Historic locations. Museums. Archives. Theatres. Bed and Breakfast Inns. Shopping Centers. Large or small buildings.

Systems that are expandable and pre-tested to guarantee successful operation.

For Killeen and all of Central Texas, one call does it all for your fire suppression system needs. Texas Fire and Safety.

Call us Monday – Friday, 8:00am to 5:00pm. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week emergency services. We are always available.


Representing Top Rated Manufacturers of Fire Suppression Systems and Equipment.

Fike of Blue Springs, Missouri

Fike fire suppression systems are used worldwide in more than a dozen industries. Their FM-200 Fire Suppression System uses fixed piping and nozzles that emit in a 180 or 360 degree horizontal spray. Complete product line. Extinguishers. Smoke and CO detectors. Air Quality Devices. Alarm Panels. Easy to use. Effective. Reliable.

Ansul of Marinette, Wisconsin

Manufacturer of a variety of fire safety equipment. Fire extinguishers, suppression systems, special hazard protection products, offers a full line of products. Recognized across the country. Trusted at home.

R-102 systems for restaurant and commercial kitchen protection. Non-corrosive agent. Evaporates quickly. Blankets against reflash. Cools overheated surfaces.

Use the pros that know. Trained. Experienced. Qualified.

Our technicians have received extended training from the manufacturers. We’re ready to perform when you call and go beyond customer service.

Our customer service representatives are well-trained to make sure you receive the support you deserve. We want to be the best for our customers. Our commitment is to best serve Central Texas by continuing our education process so that we change as our customer needs change.

New systems, old systems, updated systems, replacement systems. Choose Texas Fire and Safety to protect your valuable assets.


Clean Agent Commercial Systems for Killeen

Texas Fire and Safety designs state of the art suppression systems using clean agents:

FM200 (clean agent approved by Factory Mutual)
R102 (safe for use in commercial kitchens)
Water (always environmentally friendly)

Customized to meet Killeen’s home and business needs.

Complete and balanced fire protection – connecting the Chain of Survival links (as defined by the Fire Equipment Manufacturers’ Association FEMA):

  1. Call Fire Department
  2. Defend In Place
  3. Fire Alarm, Alert Others
  4. Suppression System Activation
  5. Sprinkler System Activation
  6. Fire Department Response

All links in this chain must be used in cooperation with each other to achieve the optimal results – safety of life.

Safety Tip: Remain as calm as possible in all emergency situations. Think first. Don’t panic.

Killeen’s All In One Source for Fire Suppression and Safety

Don’t use multiple vendors for fire and emergency equipment and services. Save money and time. Reduce paperwork. Reduce stress.

Texas Fire and Safety has the right tools, supplies, and parts for any size fire suppression system to protect every industry.

Commercial kitchens
Industrial use
Shopping Facilities
Multi-building complexes like universities, hospitals, government and military facilities.

Meet all local, state, and federal code requirements. We can confirm if your system is installed in accordance with the listed manual and any accompanying updates.

Systems that are safe and easy to use.