Fire Suppression Systems for Commercial Establishments

Normally, when we see a fire, the natural inclination when it comes to extinguishing it so to douse it with water. While that helps in most instances, there are far better fire protection tools depending on the situation. Enter fire suppression systems for commercial establishments.

In some cases, using water to extinguish the fire can worsen the situation, cause a rapid spread of the fire, or lead to unnecessary damage to your property and belongings. These are the situations where fire suppression systems for commercial structures will be more useful to use.

Fire Protection in Office Buildings

When it comes to fire safety and protection in office buildings, it’s vital to have the proper fire safety devices. Aside from having them, it’s also just as essential to do the required routine maintenance to keep these devices in good working order.

Fire protection for office and commercial buildings are essential.

Fire sprinkler systems are the most common fire protection device in many standard commercial buildings, retail establishments, and other similar commercial properties.

However, sprinkler systems may not be the ideal choice for different applications.

For instance, many office buildings house electronic appliances, sensitive documents, and valuable archives. Should they get in contact with water, these items will be damaged just as much by fire and smoke.

Also, using water as the main extinguishing agent doesn’t work in some types of fires. In some instances, water can actually cause fires to spread more rapidly.

Enter Fire Suppression Systems for Commercial Buildings

Fortunately, you have fire suppression systems as an effective fire protection option. These systems can protect your valuable business assets without water use, which could potentially damage them.

Fire suppression systems for commercial use – depending on the specific type – are made to use dry chemicals, wet chemicals, foam, liquids, and gases to extinguish the fire. Unlike water, using fire suppression agents decreases property damage and cleanup – which in turn minimizes the downtime for your business.

Industries That Use Fire Suppression Systems

If your business deals with sensitive archives, paperwork, and electronics, your primary fire protection device must include fire suppression systems.

You can also employ a professional fire protection company's services to determine the types of fires that could start in your building – depending on what items are in it. This way, the fire protection professionals can recommend the right kind of fire safety for your commercial establishment.

Here are some industries that fire suppression systems are most suited for. If your business is part of these industries, please make sure you have the right suppression system within your facilities.

Restaurants and Catering Companies

Commercial kitchens will always have the presence of grease fires. And as you know, this type of fire spreads when it gets in contact with water.

Restaurants, catering companies, and the rest of the foodservice industry rely on kitchen fire suppression systems. When this type of suppression system is activated, the wet chemical is discharged to cool down the stainless steel or metal surfaces.

There are fire suppression systems specific for commercial kitchens.

When combined with a grease fire, the wet cooling chemical forms a soapy material in what is called the saponification process. This foamy material is what will help suppress the fire.

Any residue that is left is easy to clean up. You don’t have to worry about water damaging your cooking appliances – allowing you to return to normal operations sooner.

Industrial Facilities

Printing presses, factories, meat processing plants, steel mills, and other industrial facilities always face the risk of chemical spills, build-up, and leak. These are fire hazards that require a specific type of fire suppression system.

To get the best suppression system installation for your industrial facility, please work with a reliable fire protection company with experience in industrial fire suppression.

Commercial Vehicles

Commercial vehicles used for commercial and industrial applications face the risk of fire. This scenario puts commercial vehicle operators in danger. There are fire suppressions specifically engineered to deal with commercial vehicle fires.

Fires originating from car batteries, engine, brakes, transmission, and other related sources use wet chemical and dry chemical agents.

IT Centers and Server Rooms

We already know that you don’t mix water and electricity. Thus, if you are in the IT industry, make sure you have the right suppression system installed within your facilities to protect your data and server rooms.