Include Fire Safety and Protection In Your Spring Cleaning Routine

From blooming trees to budding flowers - spring is in full swing. With this season comes spring cleaning, which some homeowners tend to dread. However, it’s a wonderful opportunity to ensure the cleanliness and order of all parts of your home. Don't forget about fire extinguisher maintenance.

It can also be a timely reminder to make sure that your home is safe and secure from the threat of fire. From making sure that your fire extinguisher maintenance is up to date to check your fire alarm systems, include fire protection to your yearly spring cleaning.

Whether you’re getting rid of old items, rearranging furniture, or doing a thorough cleanup of your home, you should always keep your fire safety systems adequately maintained all year round.

Here are some safety tips from our experts for an effective fire protection plan for your home.

  • Do a monthly check of your smoke alarms.
  • Get rid of old newspapers or other flammable materials in your garage.
  • Check when your smoke alarms are due for a replacement.
  • To prevent false fire alarms, vacuum the smoke alarm as needed.
  • Change the batteries in your carbon monoxide detectors, flashlights, and smoke alarms.
  • Don’t use smoke alarm batteries for other electrical items.
  • Remove dead plants or outdoor debris from your house.
  • Ensure the proper disposal of greasy or oily rags or cloths. If you have to store this type of item, make sure that they are correctly stored in a sealed and labeled metal container.
  • If you need to store gasoline, don’t keep it inside your home. Store it in either a detached garage or in a shed. If you must keep some inside your home, only store small amounts in a tightly sealed container.
  • Never use gasoline as a cleaning ingredient.
  • Take extra precaution when using outdoor barbecue grills. Keep it in an area away from your windows, heating and cooling units, or areas in your home with vegetation.
  • Don’t ever use gasoline as a fire starter when grilling. Also, never use charcoal lighter fluid to fuel a fire.
  • Barbecue grills are for outside use only. Don’t use it on balconies or overhangs. Keep it away from combustible materials. Barbecue grills should always be kept outside the house.
  • Make sure that your barbecue grill hose doesn’t have any cracks or leaks.
  • Don’t store propane inside your home.

Fire Extinguisher Maintenance Safety Tips

When you are doing your yearly deep cleaning, you may not always consider including fire extinguisher maintenance. However, fire extinguishers are an essential tool in any home. They should be regularly checked to see if they are fully charged.

According to the Fire Equipment Manufacturers’ Association, putting a fire out in the first two to three minutes can significantly help in minimizing loss and saving lives. Fire extinguishers are your first line of defense against a small fire.

Thus, this fire protection tool should be easily accessed, in top condition, and always fully charged. A fully operational fire extinguisher could mean a small flame and your entire property burning down. At the very least, always keep one in the garage and one in the kitchen.

Fire extinguishers don’t take up too much space and are reasonably inexpensive. However, fire extinguisher maintenance and inspection is a strict requirement. Check your fire extinguisher for any tampering or damage. Call a professional fire protection company to inspect the device properly.

Professional inspection of a fire extinguisher

Ideally, you wouldn’t ever want to use a fire extinguisher.

However, if there is a fire emergency, fire extinguishers are a tried-and-tested reliable insurance policy. Take advantage of the spring cleaning time to inspect and maintain your fire extinguishers.

Fire Alarm Systems Maintenance Tips

Spring is the perfect time to schedule the inspection, testing, and maintenance of your fire alarm system. By scheduling a professional service, you can be sure that your system complies with the regulations of the National Fire Protection Association, the manufacturer’s maintenance requirements, and the mandatory annual testing.

Final Word

Although your spring-cleaning to-do list may seem endless, safety and order should always be at the top of it.

By following the tips we listed above, from fire extinguisher maintenance to smoke alarms checks, you can help ensure the safety of your home for your family throughout the year.

If you need professional fire protection and safety services, please don’t hesitate to contact us.