Dry Chemical Fire Suppression System Safety

If you operate a business that includes heavy machinery, storage for combustible materials, or high-voltage equipment, you need a safe dry chemical fire suppression system. There’s nothing more important than knowing that in the case of an emergency, your employees and commercial property are protected, and the fire will cause minimal harm or damage to anyone. Make sure you have the safest system that’s right for your business, and keep it up and running at its peak performance to ensure the top safety standards.

Why Dry Chemical Fire Suppression?

There’s no faster response. In a fire, every second counts. The longer the fire is allowed to burn, the more risks compound on themselves. How far will the fire spread? What chemicals and fumes are being released into the smoky air? How much property and valuable assets could go up in flame? There’s no time to waste.

Dry chemical fire suppression systems are triggered by both heat and flame
Fire spreads quickly and shows no mercy

Top dry chemical fire suppression systems are designed to target the area on fire, as well as areas around and near it, and put out the flames in as short as 10 seconds. Even if you have a fire station down the street, it can take minutes for them to arrive when the alarm alerts them to your danger. Even if you have fire extinguishers on site and everyone is trained to use them, fires can happen when your property is empty and no one is there. Or, there might be anyone in the area of the fire when it happens.

There’s no need to take that risk. Dry chemical fire suppression systems are the most efficient way to keep your property protected.

Dry Chemical Fire Suppression System Benefits

Detects heat and fire

Dry chemical systems are programmed to detect not only smoke – like water-based fire sprinkler systems – but instead detect the higher temperatures in the air, which can create a dangerous situation for combustible materials. In addition, they also detect and respond to flames within seconds.

Colorless and odorless fire suppression

Dry chemical systems used to contain ingredients that could leave a stain or residue on the property after the danger was contained. Not any more. Now, different chemicals are prepared for your property – customized to your needs and fire risks – that do not leave a chemical after-smell or stain your property.

Non-toxic chemicals

Today’s dry fire suppression systems are designed not to cause additional damage to your property. Should the system turn on and release its chemicals, they will not cause damage to your property or create an unhealthy environment for firefighters or your employees.

Dry chemical fire suppression systems help firefighters do their jobs more safely.
Fire suppression systems help firefighters do their jobs more safely.

Targeted fire protection

The smart sensors and incredible designs of today’s dry chemical fire suppression systems are able to monitor and track heat changes in a space as small as two square feet. Depending on the set up of the system you choose for your business, these systems are capable of stopping fires within inches of where they started.

Maintenance and Inspections

Fire suppression systems are highly complex, specialized pieces of equipment that you can’t afford to neglect. You should have your entire system regularly checked and maintained – make sure you follow all manufacturer and your technician’s recommendations. Your system shouldn’t require any type of cleaning, and there’s nothing you or your employees need to program or turn a wrench on. It’s always the smart move to call the experts and let them come in if there’s something wrong.

Sometimes you can see a problem with your fire suppression system. Perhaps the sensor is damaged, the sprinkler head is rusted, bent, or appears to have a problem. These problems may not need to be addressed the same day you notice them, but you should certainly call the technician anyway.

However, if you see something more urgent – like if the chemicals appear to be leaking or your suppression system is malfunctioning – you need to have a technician come immediately. After hours, on the weekend, whatever it takes. When it comes to the safety of people and property at your business, there is no reason to delay an intervention that prevents your equipment from breaking down.

Where to use dry chemical fire suppression system

Dry chemical fire suppression is often used in restaurants, medical facilities, manufacturing properties, and storage facilities. No matter your business, consult with a fire suppression system expert to design the right system for you.